The Midnight Panic Attack

It sounds a bit like a TV game show doesn’t it? I can assure you it was anything but, and it certainly wasn’t fun. I was having a very weird dream, which changed at the end, towards the end I dreamt that slime or something similar was tightening around my neck. It didn’t matter howContinue reading “The Midnight Panic Attack”

Real Neat Blog Award

Thank you to Caz at Mental Health 360° for nominating me for the Real Neat Blog Award, you have made my day. It means a lot to me to have been nominated by you. I have seen other Blog posts about awards before, but being fairly new to blogging and still learning, I wasn’t sureContinue reading “Real Neat Blog Award”

Mental Health Blogs

There are a lot of Blogs that cover the subject of Mental Health now; I try to read as many of them as I can. Not only does it give me an insight into how different everyone’s experience of Mental Illness is, it makes me feel like I am not alone on my own journey.Continue reading “Mental Health Blogs”

Making Another Change – Physical Health

Well, one thing teaching my daughter how to use a Camera has resulted in, it made me realise I really need to do something about my weight, once and for all. I was flicking through the photos she had taken and came across several of me. She loves them, I on the other hand thoughtContinue reading “Making Another Change – Physical Health”

Doing things differently

Im rocking the Zombie look this morning; I couldn’t get to sleep last night, it was far to hot. Plus I couldn’t switch off. Despite the tiredness, I’m feeling more positive this morning. I have my friend to thank for that, after writing yesterdays blog, I needed to talk. I think we all have thatContinue reading “Doing things differently”

Stage fright – part 2

I almost didn’t go through with it, in fact right up until 5 minutes before the session started I was adamant that I wasn’t going to attend. But, the fear of letting someone down was bigger than the fear of holding the conversation, which surprised me because my Anxiety was through the roof. Now, IContinue reading “Stage fright – part 2”

Stage Fright

Tomorrow I have to have a conversation/talk in front of a group of people, to say I am dreading it is an understatement. I feel so sick. I am so tempted to quit the whole course, but don’t really want to do that as I was enjoying it and finding it helpful. Funnily enough, it’sContinue reading “Stage Fright”

Alternative Thoughts

I have been questioning my thoughts for a few weeks now; to begin with it was difficult, but it has become easier the more practice I have. I am okay at finding rational or alternative thoughts, to replace the original ones. But, and it’s a big but, I have realised for them to take rootContinue reading “Alternative Thoughts”

New Camera

For weeks now I have been trying to decide whether to treat myself to a new Camera, or not. Today I bit the bullet and ordered one, it was more expensive than I had intended initially, but in my defence I have put the money I had for Christmas and my Birthday towards it. IContinue reading “New Camera”

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