I Finally Get It

This morning I went for a walk through the woods, and I finally understand why it helps to lift my mood and Recharges me.

Its the one place I can be alone, completely alone, although I do like company on walks at times. I instantly relax when I’m walking the woods or common, my Anxiety stops, the worrying stops and my mind becomes quiet and clear.

Its the one place I can be myself, my true self. I don’t have to try so hard to be normal, I don’t have to try to be something I am not, and there is no fear of getting things wrong. No fear of being judged for making a mistake or misreading a situation. There is no Emotional Noise to wade through.

I love the woods, its beautiful all year round, but there is something truly magical about walking the woods in the snow. When it snows the world is silent, its a muffled kind of silence, well except for the wildlife and the soft crunch of the snow under foot.

Photo by Evan Lamont on Pexels.com

We hardly get snow here anymore, every few years we seem to get a significant snowfall, but it only lasts a day or two.

Its funny, I know how well a walk in the woods recharges me, but I put it off and have to persuade myself to go. No idea why. I am trying to make it a part of Self-Care, I am aiming to go once a day if possible, weather permitting.

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