Younger Me

I came across this photo of me a little while ago, since then I keep going back to look at it, and when I do I feel a strong sense of sadness. The little girl in that photo went through things no child should experience, no adult either. If I could reach through that photoContinue reading “Younger Me”

Christmas Hasn’t Been Cancelled

Here in the UK there has been a sudden change in restrictions for Christmas. Initially we were allowed to mix with 2 other households for 5 days, now it has been reduced to Christmas day only. Some areas of England have been moved into a new tier which was created and came in to forceContinue reading “Christmas Hasn’t Been Cancelled”

πŸŽ„An organised Christmas πŸŽ„

Are you ready for Christmas? I am actually organised for once; normally I keep putting off doing the wrapping and end up doing it all on Christmas eve. But this year I was finished by the 14th December, in fact I have nothing left to do, even the food shop has been completed (well apartContinue reading “πŸŽ„An organised Christmas πŸŽ„”

Looking for advice

Right, I have decided that I can’t keep doing this to myself. Instead of focusing on Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Autism and trying to figure everything out, my time would be better spent working on ways to improve my mood, Self-worth and confidence. Trouble is when I am low or my Anxiety high or im underContinue reading “Looking for advice”

The Mechanics

I have one of those brains which needs to know how things work in order to understand and process. Perhaps that is why I have a thirst for learning. Although at the moment my brain is failing me, I have read so much information on Mental Health, PTSD and Autism recently, yet trying to recallContinue reading “The Mechanics”

Brain Freeze

There are many really annoying symptoms which seem to come as part of a package deal with Mental Illness. For me Brain Freeze comes quite high up on the list, quickly followed by the sensation of falling. When I say Brain Freeze I’m not talking about the instant headache you may experience when eating orContinue reading “Brain Freeze”

Blog Posts

What do you like about the blogs you follow. Do you prefer the more factual Blogs with tips and hints, or do you prefer the ones which are more personal and full of relatable experiences. For me I guess its a bit of both, when I need information about certain subjects I look towards theContinue reading “Blog Posts”

I’m Still Me

Leaving the house has been extremely difficult this week; I’m fighting between wanting (needing) to hide away from people and knowing that in doing so it just makes things more difficult and grows. So, I put on a smile and carried on as normal. I literally had to push myself out the door each morning.Continue reading “I’m Still Me”

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