A Horse Called Anxiety

I have never owned a horse personally, but I know plenty of people who have and I have spent a fair amount of time around them throughout my life. One thing that has always stood out is the random things that can trigger them into a panic. My friends horse for instance, when we haveContinue reading “A Horse Called Anxiety”

Remember Who You Are

I used to think that my struggles with my Mental Health meant I was a failure. I would compare myself to the people around me who seemed to have worked everything out and living their best life, I longed to be normal (what I thought normal was) and tried to achieve it. I thought becauseContinue reading “Remember Who You Are”

The Warning Signs – Part 2 – Stratagies — Winter Dragonflies on Mental Health and Wellbeing

The warning signs was an interesting post for me to write. It certainly gave me something to think about, and I was able to work out a traffic light system of sorts that I can use to support my Mental Health. I hope it gave you some ideas of your own. Its good to know […]Continue reading “The Warning Signs – Part 2 – Stratagies — Winter Dragonflies on Mental Health and Wellbeing”

Lockdown Lows

During the first lockdown, although it had its difficult moments, I thrived. It gave me a much needed break from all things Social and to much peopling. If you have been following my blog from the start, you will know that I have Social Anxiety and find all things Social difficult unless its with peopleContinue reading “Lockdown Lows”

Friendship Breakdown

Around this time last year I had a friendship which ended. It was very much one sided and I decided that it was time to call it a day, I found that I began to dread meeting up and it caused more Anxiety than was necessary. I certainly don’t miss it. Yes, I was dealingContinue reading “Friendship Breakdown”

Holding on to Monday

How is it Monday again. This weekend has flown, and although its been hectic and I have got loads done, I still feel as though I haven’t achieved anything. I have spent Saturday and Sunday rearranging the living room and spare room. Thrown out the toy kitchen, which quite frankly has seen better days andContinue reading “Holding on to Monday”

The End Of Therapy

What a week this week has been; its taken several days to get into the swing of Home Learning, but I think we have started to get in to a routine now. We still have no Snow, how unfair is that, although to be fair I don’t know anyone else who wants the snow toContinue reading “The End Of Therapy”

Back to Reality

Well, where did those two weeks disappear too. I feel as though I have lost some days somewhere; but I haven’t been well, had the worst pain with headache, earache and swollen glands since Boxing day, and felt completely drained. Never felt so ill. The timing of it sucked a bit, had to rely onContinue reading “Back to Reality”

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