Feeling Good

I don’t seem to have much time to write or read many blogs at present; life has become increasingly busy, what with the course, school run and all the other daily activities there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. But, you know what, im actually enjoying it. Life is feeling pretty good,Continue reading “Feeling Good”

An Over Active Mind — My Upside Down Life

Do you over think and over analyse every conversation, every situation and every possible outcome? I do! Some days it drives me nuts, I wish I could just switch it off for a while, take a break from it. I would love to have a conversation and just to take it for what it is […]Continue reading “An Over Active Mind — My Upside Down Life”

Happy Mothers Day

It’s Mothers Day here in the UK; it looks a little different this year due to lockdown, no going out for a meal or time spent with the rest of the family. But, still just as special. My daughter came running in to my bedroom this morning with a daffodil that has been in herContinue reading “Happy Mothers Day”

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