About your blog……………

Do you print off your posts from your blog? So that you have a paper copy of what you have written, or can refer back to at a later date.

I have just printed of the ones that have a significant meaning to my life, I.e. the warning signs and coping tools. Since going through therapy recently I felt It was important to recognise these things about myself and to have it written down on paper.

I mean I know all the things I need to engage in to support my mental health and wellbeing, but as life gets busy and I have more things to do, I forget to do the self-care stuff. It isn’t until my mood starts to decline or I cope with less and less situations that it occurs to me to spot what changes I have made and what I have stopped doing that has contributed to the decline. By having the lists or posts to hand enables me to spot the signs easily and to reinstate some of the self-care activities which work.

Anyway, its just something I have been pondering on. My child has deserted me, she is busy doing other stuff, so I have a bit of time to ponder these things lol.

Hope your having a good day x

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