Mental Health Walk

Today I decided to go for a walk with my partner and daughter; I know its good for me and that it really helps my mood, so why do I stop doing it. Once I get going it’s great, but trying to persuade myself to do it……………. not so great. It was a lovely day,Continue reading “Mental Health Walk”

Lavender – Its a Sensory thing

Purple is my favorite colour, have I ever told you that, it is one of the colours that have a calming effect on me. I have a purple Journal, which was intentional as I use the colour purple to help reduce my anxiety. It’s only in the last few months that I have realised thatContinue reading “Lavender – Its a Sensory thing”


Sometimes you just need someone who totally gets it, without the need for an indeepth description or explanation. Don’t get me wrong, my friends and family are great, they make an effort to understand, even when they don’t they will say so and are still supportive. It is hard when you haven’t experienced something yourselfContinue reading “Tribe”

Just Me

It has been a stormy day here today; not that I really mind, I love listening to the wind and the rain. I find it quite relaxing, although it may have been a different story if I had to go out. I have recently taken to watching my friend at her pony training lessons, sheContinue reading “Just Me”

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