The End Of Therapy

What a week this week has been; its taken several days to get into the swing of Home Learning, but I think we have started to get in to a routine now. We still have no Snow, how unfair is that, although to be fair I don’t know anyone else who wants the snow toContinue reading “The End Of Therapy”

Younger Me

I came across this photo of me a little while ago, since then I keep going back to look at it, and when I do I feel a strong sense of sadness. The little girl in that photo went through things no child should experience, no adult either. If I could reach through that photoContinue reading “Younger Me”


Numerous times as a child I wished to have the Power of Invisibility; I wished to go unnoticed and avoided being in the Spotlight. Today I have been looking through old family photos from when I was little. I wondered if I would be able to see the difference between the photos of an innocentContinue reading “Invisible”

No One Will Believe You

There is something to be said about remaining anonymous, it gives you a sense of safety from being judged by the people around you, yet at the same time it gives you a platform to share your thoughts and how you feel. In a weird sort of way, blogging gives you a sense of belongingContinue reading “No One Will Believe You”

Food Fight

I have never smoked and I Don’t drink; When I am stressed, Anxious or Low, I tend to turn to food. I am a Comfort Eater and have battled with my weight since I was a teenager. At one point being overweight had a purpose, or at least that’s how I saw it through aContinue reading “Food Fight”

Childhood abuse and Mental Health

“I guess it’s worth noting that I am not a professional, this is a personal Blog and the thoughts and opinions written here are my own and from personal experience.“ There is no getting away from the fact that if you experience abuse or trauma it can have an impact on your Mental Health. The impact thatContinue reading “Childhood abuse and Mental Health”

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