“Mum, I feel awkward”

We have made a good start to the new school year; getting back into the normal routine, at the moment things have been calm and less pressured. I promised myself I would just take each day as it comes, not to try as hard and go with the flow. This morning, while we were waitingContinue reading ““Mum, I feel awkward””

Fun and Laughter

“Mum, you’re laughing” was the statement my daughter made yesterday with much surprise in her voice. It brought me crashing down to earth with the sudden realisation that this is something I haven’t done much of lately, I have been so wrapped up in a whole host of emotions and Anxiety that fun and laughterContinue reading “Fun and Laughter”

Notice the Little things

Every morning, on the walk home from school, I pass this little girl who can’t be much older than 2 walking with her mum. Every morning the mum and I say good morning to each other. Straight after the little girl will say good morning too, and when I reply her whole face lights upContinue reading “Notice the Little things”

Mental Health Awareness- just how aware are we

I used to believe that other people could see my Anxiety or see how Low I was feeling. Anxiety makes me feel awful and I can feel myself shaking so I was certain everyone else could see it. They can’t!! Only the people that know me well can pick up on the subtle outward signs.Continue reading “Mental Health Awareness- just how aware are we”

The Little Jar of Sunshine and Rainbows

The Little Jar of Sunshine and Rainbows, my daughter chose the name, began its life as The Worry Jar. At the time, I thought it was important for my daughter to write down her fears and worries so we could talk them through, put them in the Jar and hopefully they would be forgotten. IContinue reading “The Little Jar of Sunshine and Rainbows”

Stomach Migraines

We had only been out in the garden for 10 minutes when my Daughter suddenly developed a Stomach Migraine. I’m not sure what triggered this one off, if anything did, but I have a suspicion the heat didn’t help. I know when she has one as she goes as white as a sheet and complainsContinue reading “Stomach Migraines”

Lockdown Mysteries

I learnt a long time ago that avoiding a trigger allowed the the Anxiety to grow, lockdown certainly put that to the test as I had twelve weeks of not seeing people I keep reading posts and articles about the impact Lockdown has had on Mental Health. How having limited contact with others had causedContinue reading “Lockdown Mysteries”


In a book I have been reading about parenting, it states the importance for children to hear their parents give themselves praise for overcoming a problem or for an achievement. Apparently, if they hear other peoples positive talk towards themselves, it helps them develop their own positive self-talk and creates an awareness of their ownContinue reading “Self-Talk”

Natures Music

I love listening to the rain; there is something therapeutic about the sound it makes as it hits the window or the ground. This morning, while everyone was still sleeping, we had a down pour and the wind was strong. So I opened my bedroom window as wide as it would go and listened toContinue reading “Natures Music”

Unanswered Questions

I don’t always have the answers to my daughters questions; take today’s question for example, “Mum, is a Candy Cane Red with White strips or is it White with Red strips”. I can honestly say its not something I have ever thought about before, I just took it that it was red and white strips.Continue reading “Unanswered Questions”

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