Lockdown Lows

During the first lockdown, although it had its difficult moments, I thrived. It gave me a much needed break from all things Social and to much peopling. If you have been following my blog from the start, you will know that I have Social Anxiety and find all things Social difficult unless its with peopleContinue reading “Lockdown Lows”

Holding on to Monday

How is it Monday again. This weekend has flown, and although its been hectic and I have got loads done, I still feel as though I haven’t achieved anything. I have spent Saturday and Sunday rearranging the living room and spare room. Thrown out the toy kitchen, which quite frankly has seen better days andContinue reading “Holding on to Monday”

The Right Questions

Sometimes all it takes is for someone to ask the right questions. For a long time I have felt Mentally and Physically exhausted; I work so hard just to get through each day and end up paying for it later. Most people ask how you are? But, I normally reply with “I’m okay” and itContinue reading “The Right Questions”

Lockdown Mysteries

I learnt a long time ago that avoiding a trigger allowed the the Anxiety to grow, lockdown certainly put that to the test as I had twelve weeks of not seeing people I keep reading posts and articles about the impact Lockdown has had on Mental Health. How having limited contact with others had causedContinue reading “Lockdown Mysteries”

No One to Call

Tonight seems to be one of those nights; I struggled to fall to sleep and then I suddenly get woken up by a Panic Attack. They are becoming more and more frequent, some days I have more than one or a succession of panic attacks, I just wish I knew why. The ones I getContinue reading “No One to Call”

Feeling Positive

Since I have accepted that it is impossible to be positive all of the time, it has taken the pressure off. I have been less harsh on myself for feeling the way I was and it removed some of the guilt that I was holding on to because of it. The result – I feelContinue reading “Feeling Positive”

Just Out Of Reach

I woke up with an odd feeling this morning, i don’t really know how to explain it, but something feels different. Something has changed. It’s almost like waking up from a dream, the memory of what that dream was is just out of reach. I cant quite remember what it is that I have forgotten,Continue reading “Just Out Of Reach”

What is Happening to Us

Right now, it feels like we are living in a goldfish bowl, everything we do and every choice that we make appears to be for public viewing. One thing that I have noticed in recent weeks is how Lockdown has brought the best out of people and brought the worst out of people. On theContinue reading “What is Happening to Us”

Do I Send My Child Back To School

I have been through every emotion going this week and faced many sleepless nights. As parents, we have been placed into an impossible position. I have been stressing over making the right decision. My daughter is in one of the years that have been told they can go back to school in the UK. But,Continue reading “Do I Send My Child Back To School”

A Birthday in Lockdown

Well, this years Birthday was certainly different, but none the less Special. We were still able to have a lot of fun, despite being in Lockdown. My Daughter was more excited about it than I was, normally when I have a Birthday she is at school. But, this year she was able to spend theContinue reading “A Birthday in Lockdown”

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