Supporting Someone With an Anxiety Disorder

Seeing someone you love and care for struggling with an Anxiety Disorder can be a really difficult and sometimes scary experience. There may well be times you are left feeling frustrated and feeling at a loss on how to help them. I have been on both sides of the coin, the one with the MentalContinue reading “Supporting Someone With an Anxiety Disorder”

Schools Out

Well, that’s school finished for Summer, much to my daughters annoyance. She would much rather be at school. I don’t regret allowing her to go back to school these past 6 weeks, she has loved every minute of it and the school was kept as safe as it possibly could be. School may have beenContinue reading “Schools Out”

Doing things differently

Im rocking the Zombie look this morning; I couldn’t get to sleep last night, it was far to hot. Plus I couldn’t switch off. Despite the tiredness, I’m feeling more positive this morning. I have my friend to thank for that, after writing yesterdays blog, I needed to talk. I think we all have thatContinue reading “Doing things differently”

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