Walking for Mental Health

It’s funny isn’t it; we know what is good for us and what helps to boost our Mental Health, but when we are struggling with our Mental Health it is really difficult to do. Yesterday, as part of my CBT Homework, I went for a walk. I have to admit I really had to pushContinue reading “Walking for Mental Health”

A Moment In Time

It’s safe to say that I take a lot of photos; Photography is my escape, I may not be the best at it but it is a hobby that I really enjoy. Every now and then I manage to take a photo that I am really impressed with and it holds a special place inContinue reading “A Moment In Time”

A Small Piece of Heaven

I forgot just how stoney this beach is. The kids had a whale of a time though, even when the Swans and Seagulls decided to gatecrash for lunch. My sister, Daughter and Niece decided to have a go at some Crab Fishing, they caught quite a few but none of them were brave enough toContinue reading “A Small Piece of Heaven”

New Camera

For weeks now I have been trying to decide whether to treat myself to a new Camera, or not. Today I bit the bullet and ordered one, it was more expensive than I had intended initially, but in my defence I have put the money I had for Christmas and my Birthday towards it. IContinue reading “New Camera”

The Chorus of The Crows

4am the Crows started their Dawn Chorus this morning, I think something must have disturbed them, because the racket they made was not ……….. shall we say, pleasant. I say crows but it’s a mixture of Crows and Jackdaws, there are at least a couple hundred that seem to congregate in the trees around whereContinue reading “The Chorus of The Crows”

Creating My Own Calm

After I had finished writing that Blog Post last night it got me thinking. If I create so much of my own Anxiety and fear with my thoughts and worries, can it work the other way around as well. Can I create my own calm? I probably should have come to these conclusions a longContinue reading “Creating My Own Calm”

Good Morning

Where exactly did the night disappear to, has someone stolen it away, it certainly feels like they have. I awoke to the sound of my daughters laughter, so I went in to check on her only to find that she was still fast asleep, I’ve never known another child do that. Laugh in their sleep.Continue reading “Good Morning”

Life As We Knew It

I am wondering if life will ever go back to the way it was, because at the moment it isnt looking likely. The countries that have started to lift lockdown appear to be getting a second wave of the Corona virus. The planet needed us to change the way we were living to survive, theContinue reading “Life As We Knew It”

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