Brain Freeze

There are many really annoying symptoms which seem to come as part of a package deal with Mental Illness. For me Brain Freeze comes quite high up on the list, quickly followed by the sensation of falling. When I say Brain Freeze I’m not talking about the instant headache you may experience when eating orContinue reading “Brain Freeze”

Creating Your Own Peace

One thing I have learnt in recent months is I generate a lot of my own stress. I am far to hard on myself and add a huge amount of pressure due to my fears of making mistakes and worrying what other people think. OK, so there are also a lot of outside factors asContinue reading “Creating Your Own Peace”

Why Are We So Hard On Ourselves?

Embarrassed Ashamed Guilt Judged Alone A Burden Weak Self-critical Failure These are just some of the feelings I have felt towards my Mental Health, and towards myself. After all, I am 40 years old, I should have had everything sussed out a long time ago. I am an adult, an adult shouldn’t react to situationsContinue reading “Why Are We So Hard On Ourselves?”

Behind the Scenes

The side of Mental Illness people don’t see Anxiety is so much more than just feeling Anxious, Depression is more than just experiencing a low mood. Most people only see what they want to see, they don’t see the harsh ugly truth of what it’s like to have a Mental Illness and they rarely ask.Continue reading “Behind the Scenes”

No One Will Believe You

There is something to be said about remaining anonymous, it gives you a sense of safety from being judged by the people around you, yet at the same time it gives you a platform to share your thoughts and how you feel. In a weird sort of way, blogging gives you a sense of belongingContinue reading “No One Will Believe You”

No One to Call

Tonight seems to be one of those nights; I struggled to fall to sleep and then I suddenly get woken up by a Panic Attack. They are becoming more and more frequent, some days I have more than one or a succession of panic attacks, I just wish I knew why. The ones I getContinue reading “No One to Call”

The More You Do It The Easier It Gets?!?!

Really cheesy title I know, but I am at a loss on what to name this Anxiety blog post. Over the years I have had the above phrase said to me over and over again, and yes in some instances and scenarios it does work, but not in all. In fact, hearing it repeated againContinue reading “The More You Do It The Easier It Gets?!?!”


Learning to change my focus The weather hasn’t been great today, it has been overcast and windy, with the occasional shower of rain. But, I needed to get out of the house, I needed some alone time, so I grabbed my Camera and went for a walk. I thought it was as good a timeContinue reading “Focus”

New Day

Things I have learned in the last 48 Hours: I must never write when I am in full blown Panic Mode – it makes no sense when I reread it. I must not send messages or emails when I am in Panic Mode or when I am stressed – I end up regretting what IContinue reading “New Day”

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