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What do you like about the blogs you follow. Do you prefer the more factual Blogs with tips and hints, or do you prefer the ones which are more personal and full of relatable experiences. For me I guess its a bit of both, when I need information about certain subjects I look towards theContinue reading “Blog Posts”

It’s Okay To Say No

It’s all about Balance and setting healthy boundaries I’m not very good at saying no, I’m one of lifes people pleasers due to wanting to be liked and not wanting to let people down or rocking the boat. But, its hard work at times saying yes to everything. It feels like a piece of myContinue reading “It’s Okay To Say No”

The More You Do It The Easier It Gets?!?!

Really cheesy title I know, but I am at a loss on what to name this Anxiety blog post. Over the years I have had the above phrase said to me over and over again, and yes in some instances and scenarios it does work, but not in all. In fact, hearing it repeated againContinue reading “The More You Do It The Easier It Gets?!?!”

Talk Mental Health

Do you tell the people around you about your struggles with Mental Illness, or do you keep it to yourself? Mental Health was never really spoken about when I was growing up, I certainly knew very little about it. Growing up, I just thought I was the “weird kid”, I didn’t know anyone who wasContinue reading “Talk Mental Health”

Creating My Own Calm

After I had finished writing that Blog Post last night it got me thinking. If I create so much of my own Anxiety and fear with my thoughts and worries, can it work the other way around as well. Can I create my own calm? I probably should have come to these conclusions a longContinue reading “Creating My Own Calm”

Just Out Of Reach

I woke up with an odd feeling this morning, i don’t really know how to explain it, but something feels different. Something has changed. It’s almost like waking up from a dream, the memory of what that dream was is just out of reach. I cant quite remember what it is that I have forgotten,Continue reading “Just Out Of Reach”

What is Happening to Us

Right now, it feels like we are living in a goldfish bowl, everything we do and every choice that we make appears to be for public viewing. One thing that I have noticed in recent weeks is how Lockdown has brought the best out of people and brought the worst out of people. On theContinue reading “What is Happening to Us”

A Birthday in Lockdown

Well, this years Birthday was certainly different, but none the less Special. We were still able to have a lot of fun, despite being in Lockdown. My Daughter was more excited about it than I was, normally when I have a Birthday she is at school. But, this year she was able to spend theContinue reading “A Birthday in Lockdown”

It’s Good to Talk

Its important to keep talking. I stopped talking about how I was feeling, I was afraid that people would think i was being selfish by talking about how scared and anxious I was feeling. When I did speak about it, the response I received was we are all in this together, we are all goingContinue reading “It’s Good to Talk”

Good Morning

Where exactly did the night disappear to, has someone stolen it away, it certainly feels like they have. I awoke to the sound of my daughters laughter, so I went in to check on her only to find that she was still fast asleep, I’ve never known another child do that. Laugh in their sleep.Continue reading “Good Morning”

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