A Moment In Time

It’s safe to say that I take a lot of photos; Photography is my escape, I may not be the best at it but it is a hobby that I really enjoy. Every now and then I manage to take a photo that I am really impressed with and it holds a special place inContinue reading “A Moment In Time”

A Small Piece of Heaven

I forgot just how stoney this beach is. The kids had a whale of a time though, even when the Swans and Seagulls decided to gatecrash for lunch. My sister, Daughter and Niece decided to have a go at some Crab Fishing, they caught quite a few but none of them were brave enough toContinue reading “A Small Piece of Heaven”


Learning to change my focus The weather hasn’t been great today, it has been overcast and windy, with the occasional shower of rain. But, I needed to get out of the house, I needed some alone time, so I grabbed my Camera and went for a walk. I thought it was as good a timeContinue reading “Focus”

New Camera

For weeks now I have been trying to decide whether to treat myself to a new Camera, or not. Today I bit the bullet and ordered one, it was more expensive than I had intended initially, but in my defence I have put the money I had for Christmas and my Birthday towards it. IContinue reading “New Camera”

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