I Finally Get It

This morning I went for a walk through the woods, and I finally understand why it helps to lift my mood and Recharges me. Its the one place I can be alone, completely alone, although I do like company on walks at times. I instantly relax when I’m walking the woods or common, my AnxietyContinue reading “I Finally Get It”

Behind the Scenes

The side of Mental Illness people don’t see Anxiety is so much more than just feeling Anxious, Depression is more than just experiencing a low mood. Most people only see what they want to see, they don’t see the harsh ugly truth of what it’s like to have a Mental Illness and they rarely ask.Continue reading “Behind the Scenes”

Stomach Migraines

We had only been out in the garden for 10 minutes when my Daughter suddenly developed a Stomach Migraine. I’m not sure what triggered this one off, if anything did, but I have a suspicion the heat didn’t help. I know when she has one as she goes as white as a sheet and complainsContinue reading “Stomach Migraines”

Food Fight

I have never smoked and I Don’t drink; When I am stressed, Anxious or Low, I tend to turn to food. I am a Comfort Eater and have battled with my weight since I was a teenager. At one point being overweight had a purpose, or at least that’s how I saw it through aContinue reading “Food Fight”

No One to Call

Tonight seems to be one of those nights; I struggled to fall to sleep and then I suddenly get woken up by a Panic Attack. They are becoming more and more frequent, some days I have more than one or a succession of panic attacks, I just wish I knew why. The ones I getContinue reading “No One to Call”


Where exactly did the weekend go; it flew by, almost unnoticed. Although I was not looking forward to today, it was nice to wake up to the sun shining through the window, and I have woke up with a more positive mindset. One of my goals for today is to reach a minimum of 10,000Continue reading “Monday”

Making Another Change – Physical Health

Well, one thing teaching my daughter how to use a Camera has resulted in, it made me realise I really need to do something about my weight, once and for all. I was flicking through the photos she had taken and came across several of me. She loves them, I on the other hand thoughtContinue reading “Making Another Change – Physical Health”

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