Schools Out

Well, that’s school finished for Summer, much to my daughters annoyance. She would much rather be at school. I don’t regret allowing her to go back to school these past 6 weeks, she has loved every minute of it and the school was kept as safe as it possibly could be. School may have beenContinue reading “Schools Out”

Lots of Tears

The last few days my daughter has been very emotional. Worrying about a number of things, things I didn’t even realise were things. Worrying about getting older, because she is scared of dying. Missing this years teacher when she moves up a year. Worrying that the other children don’t like her. Worried that she won’tContinue reading “Lots of Tears”

Slowly Getting Back To Normal

I could not get to sleep last night, I have no idea why, other than my mind was a buzz with thoughts. No amount of writting or distraction helped. Some times it just works out that way, which kind of goes against what I wrote yesterday. This coming week feels as though it is allContinue reading “Slowly Getting Back To Normal”

Just Out Of Reach

I woke up with an odd feeling this morning, i don’t really know how to explain it, but something feels different. Something has changed. It’s almost like waking up from a dream, the memory of what that dream was is just out of reach. I cant quite remember what it is that I have forgotten,Continue reading “Just Out Of Reach”

Do I Send My Child Back To School

I have been through every emotion going this week and faced many sleepless nights. As parents, we have been placed into an impossible position. I have been stressing over making the right decision. My daughter is in one of the years that have been told they can go back to school in the UK. But,Continue reading “Do I Send My Child Back To School”

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