What Books are your “must read” Books for Mental Health?

I want to learn as much as I can about Mental Health, Psychology and building Self-Esteem. Do you have any recommendations?, especially on the Subject of Self-Esteem. Any that have helped you or struck a cord with you. Thank you in advance.

Challenging My Thoughts

It has been Several days since I last wrote a Blog Post; I can not believe that it is Friday tomorrow, this week has flown. My daughter is loving being back at school, I think it is safe to say that it was a good decision to allow her to go back and all theContinue reading “Challenging My Thoughts”

What Hobbies Do You Have?

I have a number of Hobbies, some are for fun and others are for distraction from my time consuming habit of over thinking and worrying. I guess you could say they are my go to Self-care activities, it gives me some time to myself, away from the rush rush rush of life. Photography Photography isContinue reading “What Hobbies Do You Have?”

Writing Is My Therapy, Knowledge Is My Key

From keeping a Journal I have noticed that the Winter months are particularly difficult Mental Health wise. When I am feeling Low, Sad or Anxious I write, it helps to get my thoughts down on paper and out of my head. Even if it’s only for a short amount of time. Keeping a Journal allowsContinue reading “Writing Is My Therapy, Knowledge Is My Key”

Todays Tip – Question the Beliefs you hold about yourself

Over time we pick up Beliefs about ourselves through positive and negative experiences. Recently I have come to realise that sometimes the beliefs we hold on to are not always true. I always thought I wasn’t intelligent enoughto get anywhere carer wise, I left school with low grades and struggled with learning. As it turnsContinue reading “Todays Tip – Question the Beliefs you hold about yourself”

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