Looking for advice

Right, I have decided that I can’t keep doing this to myself. Instead of focusing on Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Autism and trying to figure everything out, my time would be better spent working on ways to improve my mood, Self-worth and confidence. Trouble is when I am low or my Anxiety high or im underContinue reading “Looking for advice”

Topsy-turvy 2020

It has been a weird year hasn’t it? We have reached the last 5 weeks of 2020; normally at this time of year I like to reflect and document what I have achieved, if I don’t I tend to forget or disregard them. But first I will go back a little further: 2018 was aContinue reading “Topsy-turvy 2020”

I Finally Get It

This morning I went for a walk through the woods, and I finally understand why it helps to lift my mood and Recharges me. Its the one place I can be alone, completely alone, although I do like company on walks at times. I instantly relax when I’m walking the woods or common, my AnxietyContinue reading “I Finally Get It”


Today I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I wasn’t sure whether to write about it on here, but the need to write and to talk about it out weighed the fear of sharing it. Writing is my way of processing information. The first thing I felt was relief; for a while now IContinue reading “Revelations”

The Right Questions

Sometimes all it takes is for someone to ask the right questions. For a long time I have felt Mentally and Physically exhausted; I work so hard just to get through each day and end up paying for it later. Most people ask how you are? But, I normally reply with “I’m okay” and itContinue reading “The Right Questions”

Last Session

Tomorrow is my last session of the Social Anxiety Group/Course I have been attending online. I have no idea where the last 12 weeks have vanished too. A group is not something I would normally have agreed to, but at the time there was nothing else available due to the lockdown. So when it wasContinue reading “Last Session”

Natures Music

I love listening to the rain; there is something therapeutic about the sound it makes as it hits the window or the ground. This morning, while everyone was still sleeping, we had a down pour and the wind was strong. So I opened my bedroom window as wide as it would go and listened toContinue reading “Natures Music”

The Window of Tolerance

Have you heard of the Window of Tolerance before? I hadn’t, not until I hit a rocky patch a couple of years ago.  One that arrived out of the blue, one that surprised me because I had been doing so well, I had achieved so much and made lots of positive changes in my life. WhenContinue reading “The Window of Tolerance”

No One Will Believe You

There is something to be said about remaining anonymous, it gives you a sense of safety from being judged by the people around you, yet at the same time it gives you a platform to share your thoughts and how you feel. In a weird sort of way, blogging gives you a sense of belongingContinue reading “No One Will Believe You”

No One to Call

Tonight seems to be one of those nights; I struggled to fall to sleep and then I suddenly get woken up by a Panic Attack. They are becoming more and more frequent, some days I have more than one or a succession of panic attacks, I just wish I knew why. The ones I getContinue reading “No One to Call”

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