A Different Perspective – does what others think really matter

Originally posted on Winter Dragonflies on Mental Health and Wellbeing:
I attended a meeting a couple of weeks ago and I noticed something; after speaking to someone about the meeting and reading the meeting minutes I wondered if we had even attended the same meeting. What they had taken away from it was vastly different…

About your blog……………

Do you print off your posts from your blog? So that you have a paper copy of what you have written, or can refer back to at a later date. I have just printed of the ones that have a significant meaning to my life, I.e. the warning signs and coping tools. Since going throughContinue reading “About your blog……………”

An Over Active Mind — My Upside Down Life

Do you over think and over analyse every conversation, every situation and every possible outcome? I do! Some days it drives me nuts, I wish I could just switch it off for a while, take a break from it. I would love to have a conversation and just to take it for what it is […]Continue reading “An Over Active Mind — My Upside Down Life”

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