Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Well, last nights storm did very little to clear the air; the heat this week has been unbearable. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sun and warm days, but it has been far to hot for me. I feel uncomfortable when it gets to hot, also, I find my tolerance levels decrease a little.Continue reading “Decisions, Decisions, Decisions”

Mental Health Walk

Today I decided to go for a walk with my partner and daughter; I know its good for me and that it really helps my mood, so why do I stop doing it. Once I get going it’s great, but trying to persuade myself to do it……………. not so great. It was a lovely day,Continue reading “Mental Health Walk”

Just Me

It has been a stormy day here today; not that I really mind, I love listening to the wind and the rain. I find it quite relaxing, although it may have been a different story if I had to go out. I have recently taken to watching my friend at her pony training lessons, sheContinue reading “Just Me”

Experiencing Burnout — My Upside Down Life

How do you know the difference between Autistic Burnout and Mental Health Burnout? One of the things I have noticed is that I seem to cope for so long, before I can’t any longer, and then I will crash. I will experience extreme exhaustion, pain and Depression. Whether it is mental health burnout or autisticContinue reading “Experiencing Burnout — My Upside Down Life”

Feeling Good

I don’t seem to have much time to write or read many blogs at present; life has become increasingly busy, what with the course, school run and all the other daily activities there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. But, you know what, im actually enjoying it. Life is feeling pretty good,Continue reading “Feeling Good”

Lockdown Lows

During the first lockdown, although it had its difficult moments, I thrived. It gave me a much needed break from all things Social and to much peopling. If you have been following my blog from the start, you will know that I have Social Anxiety and find all things Social difficult unless its with peopleContinue reading “Lockdown Lows”

Friendship Breakdown

Around this time last year I had a friendship which ended. It was very much one sided and I decided that it was time to call it a day, I found that I began to dread meeting up and it caused more Anxiety than was necessary. I certainly don’t miss it. Yes, I was dealingContinue reading “Friendship Breakdown”

Holding on to Monday

How is it Monday again. This weekend has flown, and although its been hectic and I have got loads done, I still feel as though I haven’t achieved anything. I have spent Saturday and Sunday rearranging the living room and spare room. Thrown out the toy kitchen, which quite frankly has seen better days andContinue reading “Holding on to Monday”

The End Of Therapy

What a week this week has been; its taken several days to get into the swing of Home Learning, but I think we have started to get in to a routine now. We still have no Snow, how unfair is that, although to be fair I don’t know anyone else who wants the snow toContinue reading “The End Of Therapy”

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