A Horse Called Anxiety

I have never owned a horse personally, but I know plenty of people who have and I have spent a fair amount of time around them throughout my life. One thing that has always stood out is the random things that can trigger them into a panic. My friends horse for instance, when we haveContinue reading “A Horse Called Anxiety”

Supporting Someone With an Anxiety Disorder

Seeing someone you love and care for struggling with an Anxiety Disorder can be a really difficult and sometimes scary experience. There may well be times you are left feeling frustrated and feeling at a loss on how to help them. I have been on both sides of the coin, the one with the MentalContinue reading “Supporting Someone With an Anxiety Disorder”

I Am Stronger Than My Struggles

I made the decision to delete my last post. A combination of lack of sleep and high Anxiety did not make for enjoyable reading, and let’s face it, my posts have started to sound very similar. Yes, I am really struggling with my Anxiety, my mood has taken a nose dive into the depths. But,Continue reading “I Am Stronger Than My Struggles”

Behind the Scenes

The side of Mental Illness people don’t see Anxiety is so much more than just feeling Anxious, Depression is more than just experiencing a low mood. Most people only see what they want to see, they don’t see the harsh ugly truth of what it’s like to have a Mental Illness and they rarely ask.Continue reading “Behind the Scenes”

The Right Questions

Sometimes all it takes is for someone to ask the right questions. For a long time I have felt Mentally and Physically exhausted; I work so hard just to get through each day and end up paying for it later. Most people ask how you are? But, I normally reply with “I’m okay” and itContinue reading “The Right Questions”


In a book I have been reading about parenting, it states the importance for children to hear their parents give themselves praise for overcoming a problem or for an achievement. Apparently, if they hear other peoples positive talk towards themselves, it helps them develop their own positive self-talk and creates an awareness of their ownContinue reading “Self-Talk”

The Rules We Live By

What Rules Do You Have? Wearing certain styles of clothes or avoiding certain colours so you don’t stand out perhaps. Maybe its arriving at an event early so you are not the last one to enter the room or so you can plan your escape if you need to leave. I didn’t realise I hadContinue reading “The Rules We Live By”

No One Will Believe You

There is something to be said about remaining anonymous, it gives you a sense of safety from being judged by the people around you, yet at the same time it gives you a platform to share your thoughts and how you feel. In a weird sort of way, blogging gives you a sense of belongingContinue reading “No One Will Believe You”

No One to Call

Tonight seems to be one of those nights; I struggled to fall to sleep and then I suddenly get woken up by a Panic Attack. They are becoming more and more frequent, some days I have more than one or a succession of panic attacks, I just wish I knew why. The ones I getContinue reading “No One to Call”

The More You Do It The Easier It Gets?!?!

Really cheesy title I know, but I am at a loss on what to name this Anxiety blog post. Over the years I have had the above phrase said to me over and over again, and yes in some instances and scenarios it does work, but not in all. In fact, hearing it repeated againContinue reading “The More You Do It The Easier It Gets?!?!”

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