Fun and Laughter

“Mum, you’re laughing” was the statement my daughter made yesterday with much surprise in her voice. It brought me crashing down to earth with the sudden realisation that this is something I haven’t done much of lately, I have been so wrapped up in a whole host of emotions and Anxiety that fun and laughterContinue reading “Fun and Laughter”

Who Am I?

I am trying so hard to overcome my Anxiety, but as daft as this may sound, I am scared. There was never a before Anxiety and After to make a comparison, it has just always been there, since I was a very young child and I don’t know who I am without it. I believeContinue reading “Who Am I?”

New Camera

For weeks now I have been trying to decide whether to treat myself to a new Camera, or not. Today I bit the bullet and ordered one, it was more expensive than I had intended initially, but in my defence I have put the money I had for Christmas and my Birthday towards it. IContinue reading “New Camera”

I Am Enough And So Are You

As a mum, there have been many times when I have wondered if I was good enough. I don’t always get things right and make mistakes, but show me a parent that doesn’t. What do other parents see when they look at me, do they see someone who is winging it, do they see someoneContinue reading “I Am Enough And So Are You”

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