Topsy-turvy 2020

It has been a weird year hasn’t it? We have reached the last 5 weeks of 2020; normally at this time of year I like to reflect and document what I have achieved, if I don’t I tend to forget or disregard them. But first I will go back a little further: 2018 was aContinue reading “Topsy-turvy 2020”

The Little Jar of Sunshine and Rainbows

The Little Jar of Sunshine and Rainbows, my daughter chose the name, began its life as The Worry Jar. At the time, I thought it was important for my daughter to write down her fears and worries so we could talk them through, put them in the Jar and hopefully they would be forgotten. IContinue reading “The Little Jar of Sunshine and Rainbows”


In a book I have been reading about parenting, it states the importance for children to hear their parents give themselves praise for overcoming a problem or for an achievement. Apparently, if they hear other peoples positive talk towards themselves, it helps them develop their own positive self-talk and creates an awareness of their ownContinue reading “Self-Talk”

The Rules We Live By

What Rules Do You Have? Wearing certain styles of clothes or avoiding certain colours so you don’t stand out perhaps. Maybe its arriving at an event early so you are not the last one to enter the room or so you can plan your escape if you need to leave. I didn’t realise I hadContinue reading “The Rules We Live By”

You Are Not Alone

Do you have signs which you rely on to tell you when your Mental Health is in decline. For me the signs are: Change in thought patterns. Feeling like I am different to everyone around me or that I don’t fit in. Isolating myself and Avoiding people. Feeling like I’m a burden. Wanting to escape.Continue reading “You Are Not Alone”

My Mental Health First Aid Kit

We have First Aid Kits for Physical Health and Injury, which contain things like Antiseptic Wipes, Plasters, Bandages, Slings and Surgical Tape. So why can’t we have a Mental Health First Aid Kit. One we can turn too when we are struggling with our Mental Health or our Anxiety is paticularily high and causing usContinue reading “My Mental Health First Aid Kit”

Todays Tip – Question the Beliefs you hold about yourself

Over time we pick up Beliefs about ourselves through positive and negative experiences. Recently I have come to realise that sometimes the beliefs we hold on to are not always true. I always thought I wasn’t intelligent enoughto get anywhere carer wise, I left school with low grades and struggled with learning. As it turnsContinue reading “Todays Tip – Question the Beliefs you hold about yourself”

My Tip For Today

Don’t run before you can walk It’s a bad habit I have, I take on far to much at once and expect results straight away. It doesn’t work that way; because I take on to much and rush I end up failing and beating myself up over it. Anything worth having takes time, knowledge, self-loveContinue reading “My Tip For Today”

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