Note To Self

I am sorry I treated you so badly and blamed you for “stuff” that was out of your control, it wasn’t your fault. None of it was your fault. I would never dream of treating others the way I have treated you. I am sorry that I hated you. I hated you for struggling theContinue reading “Note To Self”


Numerous times as a child I wished to have the Power of Invisibility; I wished to go unnoticed and avoided being in the Spotlight. Today I have been looking through old family photos from when I was little. I wondered if I would be able to see the difference between the photos of an innocentContinue reading “Invisible”

No One Will Believe You

There is something to be said about remaining anonymous, it gives you a sense of safety from being judged by the people around you, yet at the same time it gives you a platform to share your thoughts and how you feel. In a weird sort of way, blogging gives you a sense of belongingContinue reading “No One Will Believe You”

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