“Mum, I feel awkward”

We have made a good start to the new school year; getting back into the normal routine, at the moment things have been calm and less pressured. I promised myself I would just take each day as it comes, not to try as hard and go with the flow. This morning, while we were waitingContinue reading ““Mum, I feel awkward””

Lavender – Its a Sensory thing

Purple is my favorite colour, have I ever told you that, it is one of the colours that have a calming effect on me. I have a purple Journal, which was intentional as I use the colour purple to help reduce my anxiety. It’s only in the last few months that I have realised thatContinue reading “Lavender – Its a Sensory thing”

Empathy and Sixth Sense

Last week I found A YouTube Video by Dr Tony Atwood called Good Mental Health for Autistic girls and women, it describes what I call Emotional Noise down to a T. In a much better way than I ever could. It was a “WOW” moment, a moment of realising that it is actually a thing,Continue reading “Empathy and Sixth Sense”

Experiencing Burnout β€” My Upside Down Life

How do you know the difference between Autistic Burnout and Mental Health Burnout? One of the things I have noticed is that I seem to cope for so long, before I can’t any longer, and then I will crash. I will experience extreme exhaustion, pain and Depression. Whether it is mental health burnout or autisticContinue reading “Experiencing Burnout β€” My Upside Down Life”

The End Of Therapy

What a week this week has been; its taken several days to get into the swing of Home Learning, but I think we have started to get in to a routine now. We still have no Snow, how unfair is that, although to be fair I don’t know anyone else who wants the snow toContinue reading “The End Of Therapy”

πŸŽ„An organised Christmas πŸŽ„

Are you ready for Christmas? I am actually organised for once; normally I keep putting off doing the wrapping and end up doing it all on Christmas eve. But this year I was finished by the 14th December, in fact I have nothing left to do, even the food shop has been completed (well apartContinue reading “πŸŽ„An organised Christmas πŸŽ„”

Creating Your Own Peace

One thing I have learnt in recent months is I generate a lot of my own stress. I am far to hard on myself and add a huge amount of pressure due to my fears of making mistakes and worrying what other people think. OK, so there are also a lot of outside factors asContinue reading “Creating Your Own Peace”

Mental Health Awareness- just how aware are we

I used to believe that other people could see my Anxiety or see how Low I was feeling. Anxiety makes me feel awful and I can feel myself shaking so I was certain everyone else could see it. They can’t!! Only the people that know me well can pick up on the subtle outward signs.Continue reading “Mental Health Awareness- just how aware are we”

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