Looking for advice

Right, I have decided that I can’t keep doing this to myself. Instead of focusing on Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Autism and trying to figure everything out, my time would be better spent working on ways to improve my mood, Self-worth and confidence. Trouble is when I am low or my Anxiety high or im underContinue reading “Looking for advice”

Topsy-turvy 2020

It has been a weird year hasn’t it? We have reached the last 5 weeks of 2020; normally at this time of year I like to reflect and document what I have achieved, if I don’t I tend to forget or disregard them. But first I will go back a little further: 2018 was aContinue reading “Topsy-turvy 2020”

I Finally Get It

This morning I went for a walk through the woods, and I finally understand why it helps to lift my mood and Recharges me. Its the one place I can be alone, completely alone, although I do like company on walks at times. I instantly relax when I’m walking the woods or common, my AnxietyContinue reading “I Finally Get It”

Walking for Mental Health

It’s funny isn’t it; we know what is good for us and what helps to boost our Mental Health, but when we are struggling with our Mental Health it is really difficult to do. Yesterday, as part of my CBT Homework, I went for a walk. I have to admit I really had to pushContinue reading “Walking for Mental Health”

The Little Jar of Sunshine and Rainbows

The Little Jar of Sunshine and Rainbows, my daughter chose the name, began its life as The Worry Jar. At the time, I thought it was important for my daughter to write down her fears and worries so we could talk them through, put them in the Jar and hopefully they would be forgotten. IContinue reading “The Little Jar of Sunshine and Rainbows”

It’s Okay To Say No

It’s all about Balance and setting healthy boundaries I’m not very good at saying no, I’m one of lifes people pleasers due to wanting to be liked and not wanting to let people down or rocking the boat. But, its hard work at times saying yes to everything. It feels like a piece of myContinue reading “It’s Okay To Say No”

Food Fight

I have never smoked and I Don’t drink; When I am stressed, Anxious or Low, I tend to turn to food. I am a Comfort Eater and have battled with my weight since I was a teenager. At one point being overweight had a purpose, or at least that’s how I saw it through aContinue reading “Food Fight”

Schools Out

Well, that’s school finished for Summer, much to my daughters annoyance. She would much rather be at school. I don’t regret allowing her to go back to school these past 6 weeks, she has loved every minute of it and the school was kept as safe as it possibly could be. School may have beenContinue reading “Schools Out”

Lots of Tears

The last few days my daughter has been very emotional. Worrying about a number of things, things I didn’t even realise were things. Worrying about getting older, because she is scared of dying. Missing this years teacher when she moves up a year. Worrying that the other children don’t like her. Worried that she won’tContinue reading “Lots of Tears”

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